Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Honest Guy Always gets the Shaft.

I don't care if it's school, politics, with the ladies, or at the bar room, the honest upfront person always gets the shaft. Everybody has secrets and those secrets enslave them and make them fake pathetic surface people. The one that consistently runs his mouth in a truthful way is the biggest threat to the status-quo. By truthful way, I don't mean walking up to an ugly person and telling them that they're ugly. That's just wrong and verbally abusive. I also don't mean telling a girl your with that you want to sleep with her either. That's just stupid. By truthful I mean open and honest and no intentions of manipulating or making oneself out to be what they're not. Transparency is the laziest and easiest way to go so it's the one I strive for.

I've seen it my whole life at various levels. Look at the Republican primaries, probably the most truthful and honest politician of our lifetime, Ron Paul, got ridiculed for being completely straight forward about our shady military past(and present) and the dire economic situation that is currently hitting us all (in the 99%). Julian Assange gets accused of being a rapist because he has dangerous information. Most times when you hear of a mysterious death in the news it's probably because someone has some damning information.  Please refer to the D.C. madame.
((Examples of the honest man/woman getting the shaft))

The bar scene is a microcosm of this. While the drunk, unless completely enraged or provoked (with serious connections at the top), will not suspiciously poison your drink, or down the next airliner you fly on, he or she will probably hold a similar hostility to the free, confident and truthful soul. He or she may just mumble unclear passive aggressive put downs. At the heart of all of this are self esteem issues but that's another topic for another time. I will say this lack of esteem comes from hatred and secrecy of said person's own life that then gets transferred onto mister or misses "truth to power." When this happens the bad vibes get spread to the rest thus making the honest/liberated soul a huge target.
((This is an example of the honest man getting the shaft))

Countless times at the bar, I've seen the abusive, clearly dishonest and manipulating creeps walk away with the ignorant broad. It happens so much I'm really no longer sympathetic. I've seen the most feminist ladies fall prey to such manipulation thus negating any of their passionate (yet sometimes naive) viewpoints. What's obvious to most honest guys about other guys seems quite unclear to the ladies. Sure alcohol is involved, but god, the gimmicks and nonsense they fall for is just really sad. I'm so jaded I almost find myself rooting for the liars just for entertainment purposes, unless they drag me into their bullshit, which, believe it or not, has happened before. Please take note that I'm not generalizing and I'm not saying all women. The single lady friends that I surround myself with I would like to think are more intelligent than that or at least striving to not be so pathetic and gullible. But, to sum this all up, the honest guy will find himself, in many occasions, leaving the bar alone, only to go home to half full little bottle of Astroglide. Weeks later only to hear from those girls about how horrible this person is how much damage is done which ultimately drains energy and time.
((An example of the honest man getting the shaft))

Before I close out this entry completely, please also realize that I'm not dissing the bar scene or even people that drink a lot because most people, most good people, I associate with, are in that category, and sitting next to them and joking (generally poop and sodomy humor) around in that setting is one of the few things I enjoy these days. What I am calling out are those few shady secretive souls, here and there, that I've come across in my life, that have nothing better to do than creep on women in a manipulating fashion. A common thread between most of them is their poor sense of humor, dead and boring vibe, and their lack of conversation skills. You can kind of tell they have "demons" (I hate that expression but I'll use it anyway) and that they're either trying to hide or impress. You'll never have any kind of serious or meaningful exchange with them. It's best to just move down a few bar seats keep your own nose humbly in your Boddingtons.

Let it be known, while this may sound like an angry whiny rant it really isn't. It's just some accurate and maybe some distorted observations I've made in the distant and recent past. Of course, as I do with many of my posts, I've hammed it up, over exaggerated a little, and sprinkled it with a little inflammatory language for entertainment purposes. My own entertainment. However, I do believe the spirit of this blog to be pretty dead on. Have a great Wednesday.

Enjoy or hate.

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