Sunday, December 30, 2012


My 2012 has been okay. I might even say good. I'm afraid to jinx it, cause there is still one day left. So what happened.

Mine started out with a trip back overseas to the UK and France. My first time in Paris was quite nice and the weather held up and we were blessed to have friends staying in the downtown section where we were able to crash. Paris seemed a little more comfortable than London. At least on the surface. But London remains my favorite city in the world, so far, in my limited travel experience.

I found out the band could successfully move on despite the devastating loss of our friend/bass player who had to resign due to family obligations. Another local friend, also named Andrew, filled in, and the TQI machine keeps rollin on straight ahead, with more songs on the horizon. It's still great fun after almost eight years. Thank you guys.

Made it to Montreal for a few days in the summer which would prove to be the very last journey I'd be taking in my much loved Mazda3, which broke down about a few weeks after that. I, of course replaced it with my first manual transmission (don't laugh at me) Mazda3, and I'm enjoying driving that car, though I really need to clean the interior and exterior due to snow and salt.

Another improvement I've made is that I'm budgeting better and learning to not eat out as much. Cooking good things that will last long and not being afraid to crack open a canned good every now and again. I got conditioned to cheap rent where I could get away with always eating out, but a year at this new place, which I love, has taught me otherwise. I'm still trying to learn other things I like.

We, of course, had an election between two guys with similar platforms. Their constituents had to pretend differently in order to get enthusiastic and in line to vote. For foreign policy we probably ended up a little better, but economically it seems we're still headed towards a collapse of some sort. Who knows, it's rather amazing it's gone on this long. I guess when you have the greatest military might, you can force other countries to use our meaningless currency.

Overall though, they say things are getting better for everyone on earth. I hope that's true and I hope it was true for you. Be well and live healthy in light of current Health Care legislation.

I remain content in my humble little cozy third floor apartment overlooking Main St. I could see myself living here for a long time. Maybe even dying here. It offers just the right amount of space. The community remains good and like home. Thoughts of going to other places always pop up, but I'd be giving up a lot if I did. Have a good 2013.

((Do as thou wilt.))

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