Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Greedy Pigs!

What's a greedy capitalistic pig?

Pretty much anyone who starts a business, wants more money, and hires people to work for him/her. Of course this pig doesn't just hire employees, he/she exploits them every time. That's what they get off on. Even though it's a voluntary agreement.

Public school teachers, professors, politicians (to name a few) of course aren't and can never be greedy. Even though salaries are forcefully taken from what others earn. When teachers strike or demonstrate, they of course, are never being greedy. They're just asking for their "fair share." If politicians, making a living off of bribing their constituents with goodies, need more of your money (to fund such goodies and stay in power) they of course are not being greedy. Government can never greedy as it always has our best interests in mind. Ask the Native Americans.

We all need to come together as one, and make sure such pigs...yes, the ones hiring people and creating jobs and livelihoods for others, get punished for their evil greed. Governments always manage funds far more effectively than the private sector and it's best we give them more, so maybe we can all get free health care like "thriving" Europe. We need to be more like (most of) Europe, completely emasculated and dependant on the public trough.


  1. Yeah, everyone should have a job with benefits or else they're not allowed to get sick! <:P