Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Haven't written in a while, and really not much to say.

Had some time off at the end of the year and a couple weeks into this year but now I'm back to work. Thankfully. I always go into these breaks with high hopes and in some regards it was really great to be away from work, but generally I find I get messed up during long periods of leisure.

This time around I found my self getting into a 7am bedtime routine. I saw very little daylight and much of it was a blur. But I can assure you I was quite cozy and warm in my bed. My bed seems to be one of the best friends I got. All this laying around and no bed sores.

Did anything positive happen on break?
Yes. We had a couple good gigs and I looked at a house. A house that I may try to purchase if I can get renters. I'm thinking I go home to my small but great apartment and do the same thing over and over again. Maybe I need a house and landlord status to get my ass in gear. You know if it works out I'd almost be making money each month, I think.

I like my stuff. A house would be the ultimate possesion. Something I could personalize and really make mine.

I'm getting lots of warnings against it, but we'll see what the bank says and if it's still around. If nothing happens with this at all, at least it's temporarily given me something to dream about. Sometimes that all you need.

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