Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rise and Fall

This is what's on my mind this morning.

Just observations, nothing new or revealing, but just my awareness of what's going on in relation to the affects of prosperity. How the mindset and ethics degenerate. At least in relation to what and how I'm seeing things.

Probably a lot of grandparents/fore bearers if you will came from really shitty exploitative backgrounds where work really really sucked and they weren't living in anything close to the luxury that we have. The cliches are all true about those people. You know, they worked hard, didn't bitch, and hoarded their money. At least that's what I've seen in my older relatives that aren't here anymore. There was nothing of an entitlement mentality that I know I have, and many others do. They were bbuilding and saving for future generations. It was sustainable. They saw things were improving here and knew it could be better.

(We got fat and rich and then this happened to our heads)

To me, and I think many others too, more so than ever here, most of that's gone. The idea of reproducing is scary to me, let alone saving up and acquiring wealth for people I won't even see. I'm trying to think why that is, other than I'm a selfish bastard only interested in my own bullshit.

Values have changed I think, and I think we're all a product of that. But it does make me sad and I don't think it's something I can change. It's like most of us have dropped out and most of the people trying to be prudent end up messed up, though I personally know those who are doing it well and to see it in action is rather fascinating to say the least.

Government/Monetary policy certainly encourages this to some extent, if not a great extent. It's really not wise to save money anymore due to it's loss of value. Spending and credit is pushed. Most people are in debt. The job market is f###ed. If I ever lost my job I'd be screwed in so many ways with little options out there.

You can't depend on it. You can't depend on anything really. This why I'm intrigued and both admire those who can pull it off and haven't turned into lame assholes and are enjoying things. I can't see much enjoyment in being tied down to something or being responsible for people.

As it stands, I'm not living a sustainable lifestyle. I'm not expecting to make it much further than fifty, if that. This is how I'm living.
Though, it's still early yet, I'm sure I'll be a little more positive when I get some food in me' belly.

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