Thursday, July 19, 2012

disturbing thought patterns.

Years ago, not so much anymore, if I was in some formal and/or awkward uncomfortable social situation, thoughts would come to me about how to make the communication even weirder. Whether it was a job interview or just meeting new people, crazy things would fall into my brain. Does this happen to you?

For instance someone was showing me around their lovely house once, and being completely polite and friendly. These were people I didn't know all that well. Then I would think, what would happen if I just kicked them in the back unprovoked. What would they do? How would they respond?

During a job interview, how would the interviewer react if I just started slobbering all over myself and speaking in gibberish. I guess they have reality TV shows that do this sort of thing now.

It's as my brain was trying to find the weirdest thing to do in the given scenario. That's kind of stressful when you're in your teens. Sometimes you even entertain/obsess over these thoughts. I've never acted on any them.

I guess it's a good distraction if the conversation is boring and going no where. I guess it'd be really bad if I ever did any of this stuff.

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