Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Average Day.

Got up to take on the new term (quarter if you will). A new batch of students of coming my way. Rise and shine at 7am. There is something so cozy about sleeping and rising on Main Street, in my big warm comfy bed, stretched out at a 45 degree angle, listening to a Texas (AM) radio station (they're an hour behind us) with their local news as the cars drive by as I'm snapping out of a mediocre sleep.

I have no AC, I'm getting allergies now, my filthy bedsheets are almost off the bed and I have clothes sprawled out everywhere in my room. Hanging on the closet door is the red striped button down shirt I'll wear to work and I will look good in it. The night before I "cleaned" the kitchen but there are still some salt granules on the floor to be swept up.

Drove to work, almost falling back to sleep on the way. Got there fifteen minutes early. Enough time to grab a coffee and limp quickly to my first class with my ailing hip. It wasn't that bad. I have the routine down to where I look like I know my stuff, yet it's still awkward cause I'm conducting it. Work went from 8am to noon.

Headed back home immediately. Almost dosed off on the ride home. I'm far more dangerous as a tired driver than I am an intoxicated one. Somehow sleepers get a free pass while the drunks really get screwed by the law. The Eurythmics, Dire Straits (Twistin by the Pool), and that somewhat new Gotye tune came on the FM dial so that sort of gave me a bump. I imagined how that (Gotye) song could be covered by our band, TQI. I do that quite often with songs I really love. You know, you think about how you could pull it off.

The pharmacy is behind my house in a strip mall so I stopped off to pick up my anti-inflammatory medication that enables me to lead a pretty normal life, probably at the expense of my digestive system. Got to take the good with bad as they say. The short but fat lady at the pharmacy shares the same name as my mom, but this woman looked like a blond groundhog. She was nice though.

As I got back to my apartment for my afternoon, desperately needed snooze, my landlord came out to let me know he fixed the water heater. My landlord is actually a really cool dude, I believe he may have been a state congressman at one time, but don't quote me on that. I thought he might complain about how messy my kitchen was, but he didn't. I've been blessed with a lot of great people in my life really. I have little to complain about.

I checked my facebook account, then napped for like 2 solid hours. My initial plan was to make another fresh batch of pizza dough but my energy levels were just to low. I'll probably do that tonight. Pizza is good cheap eating, and I make my crust rather light and thin, so my dough intake isn't that bad. Once you get your system down, it's a rather quick process and is way better than ordering out. At least in this town.

After the nap, I put on my dress shirt and tie again, along with my lovely tan loafers and headed back to work. Grabbed a fat burrito at Chipotle (probably the best chain out there) then drove to the Institute (not the Total Quality one). About two more hours to go until my day is done.

I will probably not go to the Fire Company tonight. Probably.


  1. i'll prolly be there after 10pm...i ended up going lastnight...of course...

  2. I might swing in early on my way home from worky work tonight. Are you officially free for the day? Happy hour? Why am I asking you questions on your blog?

  3. try to keep this professional dPL