Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm going to tip my hat to a chain restaurant.

I'm going to tip my hat to a chain restaurant. For the record, I don't attend a lot of chain restaurants. I don't  hate them either. I take a nuetral approach. If it's a good product at a decent price I'll endorse it.

Located about five minutes from where I work there is an ugly strip mall. There is a Chipotle restaurnat located there. It has "trendy" signage, about what you'd expect from a place like that. The design of it is really nice, sort of industrial looking. The place prides themselves on using the best products for their burritos.

The burritos are quite fat and flavorful. And, you'll get your food quicker than at a Wendy's or McDonald's. I enjoy the speed and consistency of everything as well as getting a full meal. Beans, Chicken, Rice, Peppers/Onions, and a decent little hot sauce is what I get. I leave feeling full and okay. It's under seven bucks.

In this age of American decline, where from the top down we're conditioned on shit, it's good see at least one business stepping it up and giving the public something good and healthy and affordable. I forgot to mention the music they play is quite tolerable and sometimes good and it seems to be a place where hot professional women go.

If you're one in fear chains and believe them all to be demonic, Chipotle might change your mind. At least DaintyBones thinks so. I'm not above it.

Here's their own link on the nutritional value of their foods, please contribute if feel the same way or feel otherwise:

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