Monday, March 14, 2011

5:00 am Walk About.

Didn't sleep extremely well last night.

Made tacos the night before.

I did that quite well. It mainly consisted of cheap beef, fried with onions, garlic and peppers. When they were cooked enough, I took them out of the cast iron and workshopped (I'm stiehlling terms now, maybe I always have) a little lime juice and cilantro with it. Quite simple but super deeelish. I put a little of my habanero sauce (see for the exact hot sauce).

Before the tacos, we - we as in me - ran into a good friend at the supermarket who told me of a morning walk about, in town. If I were to go, there would be three of us.

I got up later than planned, and didn't expect to go, but upon receiving a text message my motivation changed. I pulled it together and left.

It was dark and peaceful, with a slight chill in the air. A little reminder of high school days if I chose to do the two mile walk to school through the shopping district of Shadyside - [ an area where the trendy f#cks hang out and spend their money. ]

We headed up towards campus and encountered a team of runners, probably on one of the university's sports team.

My friends walked at a faster pace than what I'm used to but I was able to keep up. All the storefronts closed. The calm before the storm; not that a storm really occurs in this quaint little warm place. A new donut shop has opened up. It was now 6:00am, and they were open! We decided we might take this up in the future. If the future involves me. I mean, if I can keep this up. I'm hoping this isn't just a one time thing like so many other good intentioned endeavors I have/had.

I need to do more things like this. Despite the eventual disintegration of my hip, this activity is really beneficial to everything. You see, I was blessed with a comfortable big bed and 1000's of radio stations. This causes me to lay down quite often. Resting also works well with my Iron deficiency.

I know I'm now coming across as a victim. I only mean to tell the truth. I have great compared to many people. I'm afraid this will end soon as the dollar continues to crash.

This blog is going places it didn't need to. Irregardless (yeah, I know that's uneducated and a double negative - so is DaintyBones though), get out and a take a morning walk. Especially now, in light of everything warming up.

To conclude everything here, we ended the walk at a friend's house and had homemade yogurt-cicles which were really quite tastey. We washed those down with black coffee. I headed back up the street, about 5 blocks away and napped for another two hours before starting the day.

I suspect I'll sleep much better tonight.

I'm  hoping to end this night with a Boddingtons.


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