Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drama at the Buffet

A few months ago I wrote a fine blog on the fat dude in Atari shorts and compressions stockings. This all took place in a Chinese food buffet. Today I went to a different buffet.

After work I had a few hours to kill and my first desire was Vietnamese. Reading, PA has a very excellent restaurant in town. One of the few things that are redeeming about that place. The Vietnamese place was closed. I headed down the street to get my special hot sauce, while listening to some fat corporate popular radio show host make light of the Japan situation and say it wasn't a big deal (truthfully it makes 9/11 look like a walk in the park). It's amazing how these guys claim to be moral authorities. It's even more silly how they STILL have a strong following. I guess half truths and deceit never gets old. I blame our pathetic political system partly on these hacks. It's funny, you never see them debate anyone unless they are a carefully screened called all set-up, nice like.

Moving forward, then coming back, I was hungry and desperate so I went into this run down Chinese buffet that for some silly reason, I kind of like. I go there for the green beans and chicken (not together, separate options).

There's a dark hallway with bad lighting and booths. From the end I could hear yelling in Chinese. A guy was on the phone, but I could also hear a woman's voice. It's safe to assume that all of these folks were employees of the place. I'm not sure who the manager was.

The girl then revealed herself from the back. It was a man yelling at a girl, who was then yelling back, and then an older lady mediating and scolding. I was trying to enjoy my wilted green beans and chicken on a stick (four of them) but I couldn't help watching and wondering. I also had a tap water.

I was afraid it was going to get physical. It almost did. The man attempted some weak physical move toward the woman, like a half hearted dainty strangle. It was brief and he made light contact, but then stopped at the older woman's (mediator's) rebuke. Then another employee got involved. The main woman involved in the argument was in tears a little bit and walked towards the front of the store. I assume she left cause I didn't see her again.

(((All of this was in some dialect of Chinese-needless to say)))

Thoughts ran through my nosey skull.

What was this over?

My first guess was that someone was cheating. That this was a lover's quarrel, Asian style. That the two arguing were dating and it all went wrong. This is one of the few things in this world that will cause people to do the embarrassing in public (and private).

<<<In my opinion this isn't worth the trouble, and that there are other options that are less emotional and more liberating (to both men and women - but that's another discussion, and not one for a judgemental crowd, so I'll leave it behind)>>>

After the girl had left in a little mess, they seemed to all go into the kitchen. I heard shouting in the kitchen, but not as bad. I was left to this empty depressed room with bad food (that I chose to eat). There was another table that included a scruffy dude and his chubby wife and kid. They looked like rednecks but I'm sure they had good souls. At least better than mine, which is very much wilted like those green beans I ate. A coyote has a better soul than I do (according to some!).

In conclusion, I cashed out. The man arguing took my bankcard and ran it through for payment purposes. He seemed to calm down. I wanted to ask if everything was okay but it really wasn't any of my f###ing business. My intuition could be completely wrong. It could've been over work or money or something else. I guess if I had to place a bet on this though, it would have to be love.

Love always f###s people up. Right?

((As I publish this post, another poor soul is walking down the hall of this building, arguing with a lover over the phone. This is sad and a waste of energy-Who am I to judge?))

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