Friday, June 6, 2014

That Little Voice from Down the Hallway

I can hear it from a mile away. I know when it's getting closer. It's a Friday, we're all in good spirits but I can't help hearing a little authoritarianism in that voice. Maybe a more civilized Hitler waiting to crawl out. It's abrasive and it's killing me. I'm just trying to get things done and I feel victimized at the slightest sound of it. There's a bully in there too. It's clumsy. It's awful.

The little voice is obsessed with order. Order isn't a bad thing, but it shouldn't be the only thing. Order shouldn't be called order if it's constantly changing or if there's no logic behind it.

There is no ideal situation. You can't control everything. The more you try to control, the more problems you create. Problems, along with their faux solutions are what keep many people in business and I've seen it on the grassroots level. I've seen it first hand.

That little voice from down the hallway doesn't absorb anything. It strictly spits out orders like a dysfunctional robot on Addarall and repeats contemporary business cliches until most of us have vomited on one another.

We've given the voice it's authority. There is no credibility without our consent. And, we consent because we've been trained to believe we're weak and dependent creatures worthy of only mindf#ck situations. These are the trade-offs necessary if we are to eat and have shelter and taste a little bit of that good life.

There are other things out there. We have choices.

Goddamn the voices.

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