Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Other Style Choices I've Never Connected With or Understood.

Before going any further, let me start this out by saying it is of no consequence whether I connect with, understand, or like someone else's style choices. The last thing I want to do is dictate anything to anyone. On the other hand, things get under my skin. It's best to get these things out, and free oneself from the rage from within. Below are a few trends or things I've noticed and wasn't pleased with. Maybe you agree. Maybe you don't.

The tan work boots with jeans in urban settings has bugged me for sometime. Visually it looks cumbersome and even uncomfortable. I'm sure the boots are heavy. As horrible as those boots are, they do serve a purpose. The purpose has little to do with style and club settings. I don't see this too much anymore, but this morning I noticed a chick wearing yoga pants with said boots. I didn't know the person well enough to ask them WTF they were doing, so I let it slide. I do, however, wonder what crosses a person's mind when they put that shit together.

Dreds on white boys. I assume that's an attempt to relive 90s glory days (if such a thing exists). Perms are way more ballsy and visually appealing and those that don't understand that have a learning disability.

Obnoxiously bright oxford button down shirts in the corporate/professional setting. I'm not saying you need to wear dull colors or all white, or just earth tones, but I see some corporate types, or wannabe corporate types wearing these ugly bright purple-ish/pink button down bullshit assuming they look good. It just strikes me as a quick fad that will pass and a waste of threads. No one in their right mind is going to hold on to these for an extended period of time. I assume it's an attempt from those uptight types to "think outside the box." Good style is enduring.

I don't like Camoflauged gear in any situation. Probably the least offensive of the others above but still a bit annoying, especially the shorts (though shorts are annoying in most cases of adulthood). Who needs to be reminded of the military, that's the last thing I want to think about.

Flip Flops are gross. Feet are disgusting to look at. They serve a purpose at the beach, or, God forbid, college dormitory showers. Keep them there.

Jewelry is decadent and serves zero purpose. Having a watch to tell time is understandible. Rings, bracelets, necklaces with crosses or pentagrams or 6-pointed stars are all pretty offensive. It's just another thing to collect germs. (It) Doesn't make anyone look any better. A false sign of wealth.

This concludes my list. There may be some repeats here from past blogs, hopefully not a lot. It is my desire that you've enjoyed this bit and I hope you follow the appropriate steps to eliminate some/all of these things that you currently may be doing. Please be well.

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