Friday, May 2, 2014

The Thespian a Couple Cubes Down.

Usually I'm able to shrug it off or ignore it. Today is different. Maybe it's 'cause I had a later night, but my tolerance for thespian antics is short now and I got a brief but large dose of it moments ago. I have nothing against theatre people, or aspiring theatre people - (but everything has it's place under the sun.) They make life interesting. They are something to behold. (and, when I say theatre people, I mean exactly that, I'm not trying to beat around the bush on anything else).

What drives a man (or woman for that matter) to consistently tell bland jokes and then laugh the loudest (at his own jokes? Once or twice, I let it slide, I might even smile, but this is a lifestyle choice. This is the height of "notice me" drama, self-importance if you will. You work to try to send messages to said person. You give them the dead stare in response to the shitty punchline, or better yet, you ignore them, but thats never enough. They keep going as if Theatre 101 goes on all day long and they're some kind of special soul, blessing us with their antics and hijinx.

((You might accuse me of similar things when I'm out and about, but there is a difference. I'm usually intoxicated and my approach is to degrade everything, including myself. I don't see anything special in myself and try to fight every urge that comes from that direction. I'm not working my craft - there is no craft with me. Maybe that's a craft in and of itself.))

Instead of placing blame on the individual, maybe we should blame society. A society that has excused and allowed this to go on and maybe even welcomed it or dare I say elevated it. I'm not talking violence or force, cause that's never the answer, and that would just make them victims and give them more of a platform to perform. Possibly, a positive male role model (if they exist anymore) could have called them out though. Someone simply could've said you're not on stage anymore. Collectively, we could've refused to entertain such approaches. But we didn't.

Would it have made a difference? Who knows? The ego of a thespian is something you shouldn't take lightly let alone dismiss. They are the stars of their own world and every word that pours from their lips has depth and meaning. Every joke is a riot, regardless of how horrible it is. The spotlight remains on.

Spare us, Lord.

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