Monday, April 28, 2014

Back on the Diamond

After a long a cold winter, which I did thoroughly enjoy - I don't pay heat - me and the locals gathered together to start the new wiffle ball season, on a location in between Kutztown and Virginville, PA. It's probably the best thing I've done in a while, being the open air in the hills of Berks County on some good land with solid local people. This is nice.

We had a little batting practice and played a little exhibition. Wind was blowing but not too bad. We were all glad to be there, some of us played, some of us watched, some played and watched. Make no mistake, we do this to feel young again. Nothing feels more at home than being on the field or batting. It's just nice. We're all grown up now, so, there's no competitive weirdness. Everyone gets along.

The play has improved over the last year and I've noticed it especially with some of the ladies who maybe haven't played as much. They're making solid contact and they're bringing good enthusiasm to the game.

Running, or, moving around faster than usual felt good. I should do that more often.
photo by chris eugster

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