Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Annoyances.

A list of things that are currently bugging the hell out of me. I sound like a grumpy old man. Maybe I am.

Anyone voting for either major party candidate for President. It's the same guy running, in both parties. Really. Don't kid yourself and think you're making an important meaningful decision. That's pure foolishness. Grow the f### up. Look at their f##### records on things. Same Old Scene.

2)Food Photos.
I used to really enjoy food photos from friends on occasion, in fact, I used to post pictures of my pizzas. There seems to be a lot more of this shit going on and I'm getting tired of it. It's f#ckn food, stop worshipping a god damned squash, it's really no big deal. I'd rather see tits than this stuff...put tits up there...

3)Stops on hills.
Who puts stop signs or traffic lights on hills?

4)The NFL
It's not what it used to be. As with anything that gets huge, it also grows in corruption. I hate how it's tied into patriotism and the Army. It's turned into a league of violent criminals, and right now it's trying to separate itself from all the brain trauma/depression/and even suicides of past players as it pretends to be this pure American institution. It's still by far, the best sport to watch on television, just don't push America down my throat, and don't claim to be something you're not. I've cut my viewing down to 3 hours/week, if that.

5)College Students
I've now decided college students are the lowest form of human being, and especially those from Jersey. They come into our town with this entitlement attitude making lots of noise and maybe there are good college bands in this town, but I haven't seen any. Instead of creating an interesting scene, the masses of college students in this town flock to a shitty basement bar and listen to horrible dance music, then walk home and we get to hear it. I really don't think any of their lives have value. Was that harsh?

6)My Weight
I don't care for the fact that metabolism is slowing a bit. Life was easier before.

7)My Hip
The god damned thing aches everyday. I walk like I'm 80. Somebody put me out to pasture, take me out of my misery.

***feel free to ad yours in the comment section, as long as they don't include this blog. Go to hell everyone.

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