Tuesday, August 14, 2012

7 Trends n Things I'm happy I never got into.

Here are a few things...or more, that I've seen and come and go, in popularity. Things I could've easily got caught up in, but didn't. I started writing something like this last year, but I didn't like where it was going, so here is another try. I'm hoping I can finish this one up and post it so all can see.

1) Tattoos -
While I do have a strong attraction to women in tattoos, I'm pretty happy I never got one. I could be wrong in my historical analysis, I seemed to start noticing them in the 90s. My forearms are really skinny anyway and it would've looked silly, and the last thing I should ever try to pull off is the tough guy look. I like my skin as it is. There is really no symbol or artwork that I'd wanna defile my most sacred body with. The body is a temple. Right?

2) Piercings -
I recently saw a couple with with huge holes in their ears and I thought it looked dumb. These were white kids and it wasn't part of their culture. I'm okay with it, and I'd probably have huge holes in my ears if I grew up in a tribe or something like that. Why would I want to mutilate my body again, circumcision was enough. (I'm okay with circumcision)

3) Acid Washed Jeans -
I was kind of prep when acid washed jeans came out. Back then I thought they looked silly. I never had any desire to purchase a pair. I don't wear any kind of jeans any more. Dickies or Cords are more comfortable to me. I think they look better to, and send a better message than blue jeans.

4) Goatees -
They seemed to be more popular in the 90s from what I remember. In the 90s my facial hair was pretty bad (not like it's great now) - I couldn't have grown one if I wanted. Some people look really good with them, and I'm sure I would too, it's just not my thing. Beards and even moustaches seem more friendly. Goatees strike me as evil. That's just me.

5) Crocs -
(no explanation needed here)

6) Pearl Jam -
I have, and always will, fVckn hate Pearl Jam.

7) Rings -
On a woman I prefer naked hands/fingers. Same would go for guys if I were into them. Rings/jewelry, even from an early age, have always seemed frivolous/unnecessary. I don't understand the point of rings. The naked hand looks way better. We weren't born with rings on our fingers. Take 'em off. Sell 'em. They're serving no purpose. Watches, on the other hand, are okay.

These are just a few things I've stayed away from. Who's to say I won't change my mind? It could happen. It's happened before. Please comment and list some things/styles that you never got into, and are/were happy about it.


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  1. I never got into piercings either. They gross me out to this day. Who wants something on their body that gets bloody, scabby, crusty and pus-y? Why is this attractive? I've hung out with people whose piercings smell bad. Once, when I was little, I had my ears done. While they did not get infected, they were incredibly annoying, because I could feel them there all the time.

    I also never got into the mani-pedi thing. Like having crap in my ears, long nails feels annoying. I like short and polished red, like Courtney Love style. I always thought that looked way cooler. Especially when playing guitar. :-)

    I never got into "50 Shades of Grey" and I don't plan to. I read the first two pages at Barnes and Noble a couple weeks ago - while waiting to pick up said Dainty Bones from work! My eyeballs nearly fell out being exposed to such horrible trite melodramatic crap. The only thing worse I was "Twilight," which is another thing I did not get into.