Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hip Update . Bad Bones . Avascular Necrosis

Yeah, I'm an attention whore and yeah, I write about my own "meaningless" problems, but sometimes discussing such things can also be helpful to those who have similar problems. When I first had my "serious" fracture, of the femoral head, there were lots of worries and I found myself google-ing around to find as much info as I good and personal stories from people who had similar situations. I ended up chatting with a fellow from Great Britain who fractured his hip and developed the AVN (which leads to the death of the ball of your hip joint - due to lack of blood flow). At that time, I wasn't diagnosed with AVN, but about a year later, mild signs of it did show up in an X-ray, as the doctor's assistant let me know with a painful smile on his face.

It was just starting out, very early stages, and there was barely any pain. And any pain I've had was being masked by the anti-inflammatory I'm on, Feldene, so life was pretty normal. What I could expect was an eventual degeneration of that ball in the hip, arthritis, and eventually a hip replacement. Life has been pretty normal (aside from no sports-which I miss) for awhile but for some reason, now the pain seems to be getting worse and I'm not walking as well. I've also been more conservative with dance moves on stage during live performances, which has probably led to tighter playing for me (which would be a good thing)....

It was February of last year when I found out. Today I scheduled an appointment. I will see the doctor on September 5th. Depending on what shows up on the X-ray, I could be due for a total hip replacement quite soon. I kind of want to get it out of the way. I've been asking various people that I know about their hip replacements and I will be preparing for a week of hell, with Morphine, in between, as they quite literally hack off the top end of my femur and then drive a stake down the bone. I have a masochistic side to me, so I'll try to enjoy it and convince myself I deserve the pain, as well as the oh so sweet sweet Morphine injections that will no doubt block up my biles as I start on a diet of bananas and blood thinners.

Aside from the size of the incision, I can't see this being any worse than what I went through with the hip fracture. That was 6-weeks of inactivity and watching Grease 1 and 2, along with the Golden Girls as I'd pee in a jug on the couch, relying on my always helpful old housemate to empty certain things and take care of me in my pathetic doped up helpless state.

I've heard they get you up and walking (with a walker) in like two days. That's seriously good news, but those will be up there with most excruciating steps I've ever taking. I'm almost used to taking painful steps after my legs and bones sliced and diced. I'm also not looking forward to dropping the first deuce after the procedure.

A friend I just spoke to today said that they put no restrictions on her. That would be exciting if I get the okay to do that to. If I don't die, or get seriously sick, I'm planning a return to wiffle ball afterwards in the spirit of Bo Jackson. Maybe even light basketball. It'd be amazing to do a lay up again, or take a jump shot without any pain.

Whatever happens, it's all for the best. But, the idea that the quality of my life could be improved greatly is a very appealing thing. Maybe I'll write an update on September 5th, after my appointment.

Take care of your daintyBones. Embrace the future pain!

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