Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Great word.

For me it brings back memories. Memories/feelings, that have almost completely faded away.

Back in the 80's, as a child I was way more in touch with my roots. I knew little about the outside world and the wonders of Asian cuisine, which is by far, way more superior than our own. We ate what my mom cooked, which was good and hearty, but lacked in the spice and seasoning area. Stews, keilbasa, meatloaf, fried potatoes, many canned vegetables too. I'm thankful for this though as we did always have food on the table and this blandness lead me to search for other food approaches.

But the one thing that I see rarely today that really will stop me in my tracks is Braunschweiger. My stubborn, old, wise, angry, yet borderline crazy grandfather used to eat that shit on brown rye bread when our family lived with him. The substance, wikipedia calls "pork liverwurst" had/has the most strange grayish pink color and consistency and the smell was the strongest. For some reason my grandfather convinced me to eat it. I think it's cause I saw him eat it, and I was tryin' to man up.

I ate it, and I liked it. I liked it on brown rye bread, plain, with absolutely nothing on it. I remember it smelling horrible but that didn't stop me. I'd request it. I liked saying the word. For a short period of time I would bring it to school lunches. It stunk up everything and no one knew what the hell it was.

Something happened along the way and I stopped eating it. When it stopped coming into the house, I didn't miss it. I never thought I'd like to go back to it. I never had a craving.

Now I think it's absolutely disgusting and I'm curious as to how I held that stuff down.

Is this stuff still sold anywhere?


  1. I'm absolutely certain the Deitrichs would whip some up for you if it's not already in the case.

  2. Sure, they still sale it at the grocerey stores (here in Missouri anyways). I love the stuff. I like it with white bread and onions. It's only downfall for me is some serious indigestion!