Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keeping things Simple

For me it's about simplicity. Sometimes I put things off and things become a mess and more complex. Or, on occasion, a relationship can bring about varied emotions. These complexities usually lead to a mental/emotional drain of some sort. Let's try to avoid them, shall we.

One step I made in favor of simplicity is only owning 4 plates and 4 sets of silverware and 4 cups and one bowl. Needless to say, my kitchen is not as messy as it used to be. I've also only been eating yogurt, pizza, and ramen noodles. Keeping meals super-simple and relying on MSG for added nutrients gives more time to pursue other activities such as facebooking and blogging. For the record, I've been adding things to the ramen so it is more filling, like a raw egg, and sometimes veggies. The meal is literally done in 6 minutes, it's cheap, and I'm good to go. Pizza arrives in less time.

I've cut down on my furniture too. I really don't have a lot. It's nice. I threw out books I don't read either. My weakness is and always has been an over abundance of clothing. I'm working on that as we speak. Lord willing (sigh).

Regarding music, I usually like to start a song with a simple groove or chord progression. From there beautiful things can be born. One step at a time, just break that shit down. Usually after a groove or progression a simple melody is created in most cases before words are written. The key to everything is being able to see and break things down in their simplest form or parts and studying that interaction. Seeing things come in and come out. It's a lovely when thing when that skill is developed. Quite powerful.

Relationships are best kept simple. Platonic situations work best for me in all cases. There are other places and times for satisfying the physical, but don't mix that up with people that you know well or spend time with. That's just asking for trouble. Keep it cold. Keep it simple. No head games and manipulation if we follow the words above.

Governments and regulation have been out of control and they should be streamlined too. Look at the mess we've put ourselves in overseas. We've made a lot of enemies and hurt our economy in the process. Complex regulations in this country are mostly done for the benefit of big corporations. If we stuck to the simple principles of free markets, private property rights, and non violence things would run much smoother. Instead we've added so much nonsense. It's unsustainable and will come to an end. Hopefully giving birth to a more simplified, lasting approach.

It is my hope, for those of you that read this are touched in such a way that you are inspired to cut some of the bullshit out of your own lives. I'm far from perfecting myself. Much of this comes from wanting less things. I still want things but I don't obsess over them like I used to. We're put on this earth alone, and, we will go alone. Let's not make it harder than it should be. Enjoy a good meal and a good chat.

(what a sappy ending to a shitty blog.....)


  1. This is embarrassing. You are a boring crude person walking the earth like a cloud of simplicity. I don't want to be your friend, anymore.