Monday, February 13, 2012

Who does that?

This is a brief list and some discussions of things I've pondered about what people do. The question is: What kind of people do this? Things that humans do that I don't understand. This doesn't mean they are god or bad, in some cases it does, but mainly it's things that strike me as odd but might be common occurrences in the world we live in.

1) Who in their right mind gets knocked up if they don't have a reliable partner or any income?
It's not new anymore but I see a lot more now. An occurrence I'll never understand, I assume it's based on government programs/welfare. Please understand, I'm not blaming America's problems on this situation like a lot of people do, there are others higher up, that steal way more from the government. (We all steal from the government really, directly or indirectly.) I'm questioning the mindset of anyone who would want to be tied down to a life that they can't support. Many at such young ages. Rubbers aren't hard to acquire.

2) Who goes to a Nickelback concert?

3) Who still watches cable news as their primary source of information?
I'm no scholar, but if you haven't realized the major news networks are an absolutely horrible source for current event you must be a fucking idiot. The coverage is so dumbed and details are rarely discussed.

4) Why do dainty men and women buy big SUVs to get around in?
People should have the right to purchase what they want in a free market, but, in light of current gas prices I'm rather clueless as to why those with soft hands who have no need for a truck, buy one. My guess would be a self-esteem builder. Having driven one they do give you sense of power that some people just lack. It's quite sad.

5) Who still passionately votes for a major party candidate?
I guess I'm guilty of that in the primaries, but that's when the field is wide open. I'm speaking more about a major presidential election. Who was the last person to get excited about? Who can you say you voted for without any shame?

6) Who watches television?
I'll admit, with HDTV, you do get some good stations but the price is really not worth it. Hook your computer up to your TV you can get all the sporting events and movies you want. When you want it. What I'm saying isn't new.

7) Who purchases vehicles made by GM?
It's funny, I'm writing this as my brother texted me that my old man bought a Chevy Malibu. He only did cause he had GM points ($3000 credit). Other than that though, the company failed at creating a good car and got bailed out by you and me. That really isn't fair. Ford makes much better cars if you want to buy American and well, overseas, at least in the UK, you see way more Fords than Chevy's. I am interested in seeing the old man's Malibu. I hope it's what he wanted.

8) Who drinks all of those sugary drinks?
Go to any Gas Station in this country and look at their beverage coolers. I think aside from water, everything else is loaded with sugar or high fructose corn syrup or even worse? Who decided that they liked insane amounts of sweet in their drinks. This is madness really. Tea, coffee, energy drinks, goes on. I enjoy Coke every now and again, but that shit doesn't need to be in everything.

Seven years ago I stumbled upon Ito En's, Tea's Tea, Green Jasmine flavor. Here's the gimmick, it JUST CONTAINS TEA, WATER, and JASMINE. What a mind blower! It's the best stuff out there, Honest Tea does okay too. Drink unsweetened teas for a month and everything else will taste like shit. Fuck sweets.

9) Who hates McDonald's/Fastfood?
There are a lot of them out there but I don't think McDonald's pretends to be something it's not. Anyone with a brain knows your getting shit and you're getting it quickly. Their service is fast and excellent and it should be respected in its proper place. I might eat there a few times a year and I do feel sick afterwards but what should I expect. Except it for what it is and move on.

I'm done here. If anyone still reads this, add some below.


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