Monday, August 8, 2011


Money is a service. Money is based on what people value and exchange. Right? When money ceases to be backed by anything and can be created by thin air things get distorted and manipulated. Manipulated by those who have agendas.

Markets are also based on the wants and needs of people. When markets are manipulated by outside forces things get distorted.

What gets lost in all of this is what people value. Money and markets are quite natural. There is nothing immoral or obscene about what I've stated. Violence and coercion have been a driving force in whats been going on for sometime now. Friends, this is how faux bubbles are created. Speaking about this doesn't mean I have the morality of coyote. It means that I'm honest.

We may decide to put various things/approaches over our most delicate eyes but what we are witnessing are the failed attempts of those in power to try to fix things and dare I say stimulate things in a magic/mythical sort of way.

Dear friends/brothers/disciples realize that this is pure mythology......things can never be manipulated in a magical way by those who claim to know better than us on our economy. It's bigger than the ivory tower (a protected haven for those who don't do anything)...and we now see that QE1, QE2, and QE3 are failed attempts....may we work towards non violence, a FREE market, and voluntaryism....this isn't cold....this is nature....this is peace, this is love.

be well, and sleep well...i'm very tanked. but very vindicated. Rise above dear friends. We haven't seen the worst yet.

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