Tuesday, October 26, 2010

West Reading Blues

I have an odd break on Tuesdays this term (5pm-8pm), so either I'll drive around or explore local places.

Today I went to West Reading.

I stopped in at the West Reading Tavern and sat on the other side of 2 lesbians. One was more butch than the other. I sat next to the more appealing one(yes, I made a judgement). The West Reading Tavern is quite a warm feeling place. They have the lighting correct and for the most part it's interior design is done well for a tavern. The only downfall about the place is that West Reading or Reading's elite hang out there. Middle aged to old people, wealthy, for this area. Kind of annoying and uptight but they dress okay considering. I sense an attitude from them.

In between my 2nd and 3rd ale (and they also have good beers on tap), I heard the lesbian sitting next to me complain about how Justin Bieber is 16 years old and getting all the women and she can't. In my head I wanted to tell her to put out some bad pop songs and she'd be in heaven. I don't even know who he is.(Later at Barnes and Noble I spotted a CD from him with a sappy head shot.)

After that, the same woman, who I was beginning to think was cute (this was after alcohol intake), in a rough sort of way, was whining about football. The drinks I had were strong, so I weighed in at told her it was militaristic and sophisticated. She didn't give a f###. She probably saw me as the dainty effeminate dude with nice hair and sideburns. I'm probably quite low on her list, next to the vermin and the elephant man.

I ate my burger(which they prepared nice and bloody as I requested), shut the f$$$ up, and walked down the street to local (independent-Paul David respects this.) record store. I was there 6 years ago and the same woman works there. I bought a Thrills CD then, and it was good. She gives off a dark cold sexy vibe to some extent.

Tonight I bought the new Sufjan Stevens CD and kind of regret it now, listening to it. I liked Illinois a lot, but not much else from 'eem. Truth be told.

I headed back to my car and pulled it all together. Chugged a lot of water in the driver's seat. Where the Hardbean Cafe is they're putting in a video game store. What a waste of a great space. I kind of hope it fails.

To hell with the new video games and Justin Bieber. I'm sounding like an old man. So much for the city.


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  1. west reading tip from me:: Charming nail Salon rocks! go get the pedi or mani sans polish.. you will enjoy!
    which Sufjan album did you get??!! A pal told me he got the new album & didnt think he liked it at first listen but then fell in love... i need more sufjan always :)