Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It's a weakness of mine. I have a lot. A lot of weaknesses and shoes. They are important. Given past leg problems, comfort is just as important, if not more, than style. Style is also important.

Converse All-Stars/Chuck Taylors are nice looking, I guess, but I'd never wear them because they seem as though they'd be uncomforatable. I think they're warn too much too. I was lucky enough to have a friend hook me up with some high end, posh, if you will, sneakers, from not so common brand names. For style and comfort these shoes rock [Teva, Karhu (Finland)]. The Tevas are orange and the Karhus are green. Well made, well styled shoes rock.

For Dress shoes I've been wearing these Clark's loafers (tan). At the outlet store I can get them for about $30. They are light weight, casual, and comfy. Good for any situation. They last about 2+ years or so. I also own a couple Doc Marten's that don't look like Doc Marten's, thank god they don't have the yellow stitching. Both are black, one is a boot, one is low. They have an air cushioned soul. I also have some Clark's wingtips, which, surprisingly, and sadly, they aren't too comfy, but they are styled nicely. When I wear the wingtips, it's strictly a fashion statement.

I like plain, almost dykish looking shoes on a chick. I like plain things in general, but it's also nice to have exceptions.

My exception regarding shoes are these orange suede with a shiny buckle. Flamboyantly styled, yet super comfortable, I'm often torn about wearing them out. They come with a matching suede belt.

Maybe I'll post some pics.

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