Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Haven't Written in a While/Ramblings.

It's been sort of a long time since I've posted. I guess I have nothing that's really bothering me at this time, or I'm watching what I'm writing. You gotta be careful out there, there are a lot of hyper sensitive souls that enjoy taking maximum offense to hearsay and distortions. They may do what do they want, it's not my care.

Got to go to Rochester a couple weeks ago which was nice. I saw some good bands, and a nice venue, and met a couple girls who I won't see again. One of them reminded me of someone from the past. It was weird.

I like Rochester.

It's starting to get breezy. The wind goes up the dress slacks. Time to pull out long johns. They make a big difference.

The government remains shut down (20% of it - maybe - please correct this if it's wrong). Peeps continue to complain about it. Life goes on the same.

A little over two months until Christmas, then a new year. I'd like to go abroad in January. Preferably back to the British Isles somewhere, but maybe not London. I'm looking into that couchsurfing website for room 'n' board. I also have a friend in Paris I think. Still.

I'll come up with some plan, or I'll just stay here, and not spend the money. The money I don't have.

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