Sunday, September 4, 2011

Frisbee golf.

Went hiking the other day with a friend just outside of Allentown. They had a frisbee golf course in the hiking area. I've known that this sport has existed but I never saw it in action before. Yes, people actually play this game.

The game works very much like golf, but instead of hitting a golf ball in a hole with a golf club you throw a disc into a metal basket like thing held up by a post. I saw some people with bags, so I assume that there are various types of discs you can use for distance or control. I found it kind of fascinating to see people competing and getting excited over this. I guess this is for people who aren't very good at golf but desire the outdoors and open spaces of land and a little competition.

I'm waiting for this game to become more popular so it gets televised. I think I'd watch it a lot and remain fascinated by how people get excited about it. There might be other things people could do with their time though. Sorry for judging.

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