Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 Football/Religion.

I was watching the Steeler game a little bit yesterday, from what I could stomach, and announcer Phil Simms, who strikes me as a nice guy, said some silly things regarding 9/11 and what a certain player had said.

During the "killing" of Bin Laden earlier this year this player had tweeted, to summarize, we shouldn't celebrate death, we've only heard one side of the story, and that a plane taking down a building is hard to believe. Click the below link for exact verbiage.

Of course at that time the NFL freaked out, and the owners of the Steelers had to put out a statement. Official statements have always kind of annoyed me, especially when it comes to something that is not clear. It's as if they are trying to steer your thinking. Tell you what you should accept. As if they're saying, we're the NFL, a large corporation that makes lots of money, accept the official government story.

Yesterday Phil Simms did the same thing. I believe he used the words dangerous and inflammatory (I couldn't find the quote). This commentary was irrelevant to the game and served to again push the official story. The religion.

<<side note: It's my belief (and I've heard it argued) that professional sports, football specifically, push an agenda of militarism, while serving as a larger distraction, mainly on men, who derive their masculinity from sitting back and watching their team win. Sports are talked about and covered way more than national news. I've limited my own viewing to three hours a week during football season and have determined that an outcome of a game that millionaires play shouldn't determine my happiness.>>

To be honest, there are fanatics on both sides, but we should never demonize anyone who questions the government (or who questions opposing theories-there are a lot of absurd stories floating around).

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