Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life Drawing

I went to school for art. Life drawing was a requirement, so this had to be done. Not that I was against it, but I've just always felt more comfortable when people have their clothes on. I've changed a bit since then, though I still generally believe the human body is vile and disgusting (unless you're built like a pornstar-by pornstar, i mean 80s pornstar).

My experience at that time, with other naked bodies was, well, quite limited. I took a vow of celibacy in the tradition of Morrissey. My vow was probably a little more involuntary than his and that's because life is hard. So, there was much talk and anticipation about this course among my few friends who, believe it or not, had less game than me at the time. We were all innocent babes, wet behind the ears if you will. I don't even think I'd been to a strip club yet.

So, it was time for class.

They brought out some thin fit older chick. On the outside I looked calm, inside was a different story. To make matters worse, she posed, like, spread out, facing me, and not too far from me. It was a struggle to keep my cool and focus at the task at hand. At that age, especially, you want to jump on everything, and regardless of the classroom setting, those thoughts did come to mind.

Everyone that poses has a smell too. Those smells can play on your brain. She had a smell.

The five or ten minute session finally ended and I took a deep breath. It was over and the pose changed and it a lot easier after that. Everything was easier after that pose. I didn't embarrass myself, and I think outwardly I projected an appropriate serious vibe (aside from the heavy panting and drool on my chin).

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