Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I never liked sharing. I've always wanted my stuff, and it had to mine.


You need to get your goddamn hands off of it. No you can't have my popcorn. It's mine. I possess it.

You can't have MY beer either. If I have extra cash, I'd be more than happy to buy a beer and give it to you. Then it's yours, and it's not mine anymore. I don't want anything to do with it at that point. Like I said, if I have the cash, I'm glad I can buy it for you.

What's with these people that share drinks. My father wouldn't even drink out of the same cup I drank from and I don't blame him, I felt the same way about his. But some people are so caught up in their own "selflessness" that they have no clue how they impose on someone if they ask for a sip of their cola.

"Can I have a sip of your drink?"...Probably the worst question to be asked. Ever!

Yeah, I'll let you borrow something if you ask, as I've been helped out by people letting me borrow something (I'm not completely oblivious to that). I don't see that as sharing. Do you? Is it just a matter of words?

In the end, I'd rather just give you something, and let it be yours. If I can afford it. At this point it might only be beers or a meal. But go f### yourself if you dare ask me to share something with you.

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