Friday, April 26, 2013

Morning Devotional: It's Spring/It's Friday

We made it through winter. And this week. The temperature is warming. Time to turn over new leaves. Clean the apartment out, as well as your system. Start lifting weights to strengthen muscles and bones. There are new songs to be written about old circumstances you've overcome, or at least moved on from.

Start planting your seeds. The time is at hand. Learn how to can things and be self sustainable. There's always a Black Swan event waiting to happen. Be prepared.

You're probably more horny now too. Put away those puritan values you were raised on and go for the gold. They want it just as bad as you do. Start planting your seeds.

Wiffle ball is just around the corner and this is going to be your break out year. Start doing stretches. You're older now. Show some respect for the game and your body.

The medication (or alcohol) got you through the cold weather, now let the Vitamin D of the sun take over. No, not that you have to completely abstain, just watch your intake. Don't waste the good sunshine days laying around in your bed all f###ed up.

Walk around, grab a coffee.

Give thanks to the alien beings, 'cause, despite your first world petty problems (many of them self-created), you were blessed to be put in a community with good people who aren't too old to rock out or play wiffle ball. This is good. Most see it as empty childishness. But this is good.

We live in an age where most Americans, young and old, generally suck, and in their own way, have given up on life and have given in to bullshit. Unable to clearly think.

Remain a child. Embrace the light. Love and non-violence.

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