Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Testosterone Bump

Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with low-mid range testosterone levels. My doctor told me and I laughed as a defense mechanism for him essentially telling I could stand to be more manly (which I/we knew all along). It helped explain a lot. Lack of confidence, borderline depression, lack of sex drive, and overall apathy and passiveness to the world around me were all symptoms of low T.

So over the last couple years when I take the stuff regularly, I do notice a more than subtle impact on my approach to things. The first thing is that I become positive and more aggressive, like I can get stuff done (slightly like coke). The stuff makes me happy and ready to go.

The other big side effect is that I feel the need to run more game in bar room settings. It's no longer a defeatist attitude. I can remember one drunken night at a local establishment dancing closely, maybe too closely to a female friend. She remained cool but I would suspect if it were most other people I would've been slapped or thrown out of the place. To her credit, she laughed and played along. She was drunk too. There are very incriminating photos of this experience which almost resembles porn with close on. I blame my behavior on the testosterone and booze. To see the facial expressions are priceless.

It's a weird chemical. I think all chemicals that affect behaviour are weird but this one in particularly has a strange power and I've felt the difference first hand. Sometimes I slack off in my treatment, which by the way comes in a gel that gives off an appealing scent. A girl at the workplace once asked me what that smell was and she seemed pretty intense about finding the answer. She practically said she wanted it. "It" being the smell. I denied it was me and left the room. I was later found to be the guilty party which lead to laughs, I kept denying.

If you do happen to be in your mid 30's or so, get tested to see if you are lacking, while the treatment is expensive, if your insurance covers it, you will notice immediate results. Let it be known.


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